Zagreb - representative companies


Crnčićeva 19

10 000 ZAGREB

tel. 01 230 22 66

fax. 01 233 45 35

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MIRKO KELIĆ, sales manager, 098 324 194

HRVOJE ĆORIĆ, Head of representative office of Zagreb, 099 223 7242


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Bjelovar - headquarters

gala jaja 12

gala markica 45 godina engnann

Tel. 043/675-777

Fax. 043/237-241

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M.Marulića 14

43000 Bjelovar

OIB: 50795999437

MBS: 3341739

Bank account: .2402006-1100000150


LUKA MARKEŠIĆ, Chairman of the Supervisory Board

IVANKA ĆORIĆ, voditelj računovodstva i financija

MIRKO KELIĆ, Head of Accounting and Finance

HRVOJE ĆORIĆ, Head of representative office of Zagreb

Modern technology - quality requirements

gala markica 45 godina engnanngala jaja 06They build new manufacturing facilities to produce eggs for consumption, the facility for storing and drying animal by-products of the total area of 10,000 m2, a transport system for transporting eggs.

Equipping buildings enriched cages for laying hens holding 193 534, which ensures 803.57 cm2 cage floor area per bird, good ventilation system, cooling, feeding and watering.

The entire system of production is controlled and monitored computer.

The quality of an integrated production cycle

gala markica 45 godina engnannConstant business policy Gala d.o.o. in a 45 year tradition of a European quality and high standards of biosecurity in egg production.

Such an approach to achieve the highest standard by EU directive 1999/74 EC in the construction and equipping of egg production.

The consumer is the one who is always right, shall review the decision of consumption and consumption of eggs for the Gala, which has to be sure what to buy and eat.

The basis for quality assurance of the complete production cycle is a quality system certified to ISO 9001:2008 since 2003 in which farm operations. sustav kvalitete web

Biosecurity food is accompanied by a verified HACCP systems for the packaging center, fodder factory, a distribution warehouse and distribution fleet.


The quality and bio-security in the company's is the priority, so we guarantee the Gala eggs are produced in standardized and strictly controlled conditions.

Hen's health, food, water, air and hen's room are strictly controlled, but also the packing center, fodder factory, people, equipment and vehicles involved in the production.

We guarantee that the Gala egg is healthy and delicious; the egg-white is rich and white while egg yolk is yellow and sturdy.

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